About Kee-Sue Creative

Introducing the Photographer, Janelle Kee-Sue, and Videographer Ricky Kee-Sue.


Introducing Janelle & Ricky

Janelle and Ricky Kee-Sue are Wellingtonians who have been travelling the world for the last few years. They got engaged in Prague on Charles Bridge, and after living in London for two years, they returned to Wellington, New Zealand, and are using their photography and videography skills to capture people's  special moments. They got married on 22 January 2022 and live in Camborne, Porirua with their Samoyed dog Yuki. 

Janelle is a digital marketing consultant from ContentQueen and a life coach from Janelle Kee-Sue Coaching, and has worked as a freelance photographer since 2014. Wedding photography, family portrait sessions and baby photography are her specialty, although she enjoys every type of photogrpahy.

Ricky developed a love for videography during their travels together. He's an amateur videographer striving for excellence with every new video he produces, and is well on his way to becoming a professional videographer for weddings, events and small businesses. Therefore, his videography services are affordably priced due to it providing him with learning opportunities.

Janelle and Ricky are currently residing in Wellington, New Zealand, where they will be available to hire for photographic, and videography, projects, both locally and throughout the country.

Get in touch with Janelle and Ricky by clicking the link below. They would love to hear from you!