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Empowerment Photoshoots

Empowering photoshoots for women of all ages to unleash their inner confidence!


Feel beautiful, confident and authentically you.

Have you ever looked in the mirror and marvelled at how beautiful and unique you are? For most women, regardless of age, we tend to focus on what we perceive as imperfections and overlook all the features that make us uniquely, and beautifully, who we are. 

It's about time we changed that! Empowerment Photoshoots are all about capturing the authentic, unique and beautiful you. Do you have to be an Instagram model? NO. Do you have to have any modelling experience? NO. Do you even have to consider yourself 'photogenic'? Absolutely NOT. 

Empowerment Photoshoots are all about capturing the authenticity of who you are and what makes you unique. There is no other face on the planet that's like yours. You are different. You are beautiful. It's time to celebrate that. 

Janelle Kee-Sue is a talented photographer based in Wellington, New Zealand, with more than seven years' experience. She is a life coach and mentor for young women and is passionate about female empowerment. She provides Empowerment Photoshoots for women of all ages (from teenagers right through to retirees) to unleash their inner confidence and embrace their natural beauty.

How it works

We pick a stunning outdoor location in the Wellington region where you'll feel in your element, and choose a date for our photoshoot where we'll spend 45 minutes in each other's company, having a relaxed photoshoot session where we will get beautiful natural photos out in nature. 

This will result in professional, beautiful natural photos of you out in the world that you can use as profile pictures, professional headshots, or for content on Instagram. It's up to you! 

The process of being a model for an hour in a low-pressure, relaxed, fun and natural environment will boost your confidence, and you'll absolutely love the results!

Empowerment Photoshoot Package details: 

  • Photoshoot consultation and planning. 

  • 45-minute photoshoot at a location of your choosing (e.g., beach, forest, city).

  • 1 outfit change if desired. Posing direction and guidance from the photographer.  

  • Receive a minimum of 50 lightly edited images (kept as natural as possible).

  • 2-week turnaround on images, provided online via We-Transfer. 


Total investment: $299

To book, contact me here.


Empowerment Photoshoot vouchers 

My Empowerment Photoshoot packages make great gifts for friends and loved ones who could do with a confidence boost, or perhaps have reached a big milestone in their lives - whether it's a weight-loss journey, a break-up, a big birthday (such as a 16th, 18th, 21st, 30th, 50th, 60th and so forth!) promotion or career change, perhaps they're starting their own business or are at a crossroad in their life.


An Empowerment Photoshoot is a reminder of a place in time where they are stepping into a new and improved version of themselves, and a celebration of who they are and who they are becoming. 

Contact me to get them a gift they'll cherish for a lifetime!

You can view examples of Janelle's empowerment photoshoots below. Get in touch via the 'Contact' page to find out more and make a booking.

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