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Canvas Prints

Stunning canvas prints available for purchase by New Zealand photographer Janelle Cheesman. Buy high-resolution files to print yourself, or order a custom canvas delivered to your door.

Buy canvas prints by Janelle, New Zealand photographer

Browse the photos below taken by New Zealand photographer, Janelle Cheesman. If you like what you see, order a custom canvas print to display in your home or office, or give as a gift to someone special. Canvases can be ordered in any size. Alternately, you can purchase the high-resolution file for $50 and get it printed yourself.

Canvas pictured below: Lake Tekapo on 48"x24" canvas (1220mm x 610mm)

Canvas above: Lake Tekapo on 48"x24" canvas (1220mm x 610mm)

Popular canvas sizes:

  • 48"x30" (1220mm x 762mm) Large - From $290

  • 40"x20" (1016mm x 508mm) Med/Large - from $230

  • 30"x20" (762mm x 508mm) Small/Med - from $180

  • 20"x12" (508mm x 305mm) Small - from $100

  • High-resolution photo file (no canvas included) - $50


Deliveries New Zealand wide (3-5 days), with international shipping available at your request. Shipping costs are additional. To order, get in touch with Janelle with the name of the image you'd like to order and the size of the canvas by filling out the form at the bottom of this page. Thanks for supporting a Kiwi creative saving for her honeymoon so she can go somewhere beautiful to take more photos!

New Zealand Photography

south island edited large-362

Hooker Valley, Mt Cook, South Island - 362

south island edited large-355

Hooker Valley, Mt Cook, South Island - 355

south island edited large-333

South Island Catlans - 333

south island edited large-327

South Island Catlans - 327

south island edited large-303

South Island Waterfall Catlans - 303

south island edited large-323

South Island Catlans - 323

south island edited large-294

South Island waterfall - 294

south island edited large-290

South Island waterfall - 290

south island edited large-280

Bottom of the South Island - 280

south island edited large-258

Bluff shipwreck, South Island - 258

south island edited large-256

Bluff shipwreck, South Island - 256

south island edited large-199

Iconic South Island sign - 199

south island edited large-195

Iconic South Island sign - 195

south island edited large-132

Hokitika Gorge, South Island - 132

south island edited large-121

NZ back roads - 121

south island edited large-120

NZ back roads - 120


Napier sunrise - 14

castle point large-4

Castle Point, Wairarapa - 4

castle point large-3

Castle Point, Wairarapa - 3

cape palliser large-52

Cape Palliser, Wairarapa - 52

cape palliser large-40

Cape Palliser, Wairarapa - 40


New Plymouth, North Island - 1452


Native New Zealand - 1377

20201010-_MG_1432 - Copy

Taranaki waterfall - 1432


Waitomo, North Island - 1332


Waterfall in Waitomo, North Island - 1303

waitomo waterfall

Waterfall in Waitomo, North Island - 1300


Waterfall in Waitomo, North Island - 1301

south island edited large-548

South Island farm animals - 548

south island edited large-507

Pancake Rocks, South Island - 507

south island edited large-466

Take Tekapo, South Island - 466

south island edited large-422

Take Tekapo church, South Island - 422

south island edited large-486

Pancake Rocks, South Island - 486

south island edited large-487

Pancake Rocks, South Island - 487

Europe Photography

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany - 1

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany - 1

Czech Republic small town - 26

Czech Republic small town - 26

croatia falls 25

Croatia falls 25

Bologna Italy -135

Bologna Italy -135

San Marino - 2

San Marino - 2

Andorra - 85

Andorra - 85

French small town - 49

French small town - 49

French small town - 41

French small town - 41

French small town - 45

French small town - 45

French small town - 40

French small town - 40

French small town - 29

French small town - 29

French small town - 9

French small town - 9

zakopane poland 2

Zakopane Poland 2

zakopane poland 1

Zakopane Poland 1

venice italy - 27

Venice Italy - 27

tallinn estonia-71

Tallinn Estonia-71

tallinn estonia-35

Tallinn estonia-35


Switzerland - 76







luxembourg 2

luxembourg 2



luxembourg 1

luxembourg 1

lithuainia 3

lithuainia 3

lithuainia 2

lithuainia 2

lisbon portugal-13

lisbon portugal-13

lisbon portugal-4

lisbon portugal-4

Lithuainia frozen lake 1

Lithuainia frozen lake 1

lisbon portugal-108

Lisbon portugal-108

Africa & Asia Photography

jordan petra-3

Jordan petra-3

egypt dahab-2

Egypt dahab-2

egypt camels-1

Egypt camels-1


Morocco souk -411






Morocco market -369







Sahara desert-288

Sahara desert-288

morocco blue door -123

Morocco blue door -123


Tannery 209

Morocco sunset 141

Morocco sunset 141

Blue city Morocco-118

Blue city Morocco-118

United Kingdom Photography

bath uk

Bath, UK

bath uk (2)

Bath UK 2

London Tower Bridge -42

London Tower Bridge -42

bath stonehenge 2

Bath stonehenge 2

bath stonehenge 1

bath stonehenge 1 landscape

London 2020-13

Iconic London - 13

London 2020-8

Iconic London portrait - 8

London St Paul's 2020-2

London St Paul's -2

London Tower Bridge -37

London Tower Bridge -37

Place your order

Would one of the images above look great on your wall? To purchase a high-resolution print, or get a custom canvas created, simply fill out the form below with the image name and canvas size to place your order and Janelle will be in touch within 24 hours.

Thank you for supporting local NZ businesses!

Email:  |  Tel: (+64) 022 196 2814

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